About Us

Graham Lloyd, President

portrait Graham is an international business veteran with over thirty years’ experience, having worked in eight countries across the American, European and Asian continents. A citizen of the USA, Canada and the UK, he has an Honors Degree in Economics from the University of London and is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School.

After an initial career in Sales and Marketing, Graham moved into Operations management and now has over twenty years experience as a General Manager and CEO. He started to develop the principles and methods of WCashPlus some 15 years ago. Since then, he has refined it into a highly robust and sustainable process, proving its effectiveness across a broad range of different companies and markets.

Graham’s track-record includes:

  1. President of a specialty packaging company. Grew Sales from $150MM to $170MM. Achieved EBITDA of 17% despite the doubling of raw material costs. Reduced Working Capital from 12% of Sales to below zero, thus converting it all to cash.
  2. CEO of a $50MM portfolio company of a private equity group. Led this label and equipment business through a turnaround and subsequent liquidity event in the face of a 30% decline in market prices due to overcapacity. Achieved negative Working Capital.
  3. Executive Vice President of a North American chain of 700 retail paint stores. Devised, executed and led the turnaround of this $730MM business and returned it to profitability. Launched a professional product range, generating $100MM in annual Sales to The Home Depot.
  4. Vice President of the Specialty and New Ventures Group of a $6bn materials company. Leveraged the success of the Canadian custom product business unit to create a Specialty Division which grew into a $150MM+ business with a CAGR of 15-25%. Initiated the improvement plan at the extrusion division that led to 20% growth, a swift return to profit and negative Working Capital.
  5. General Manager of a self-adhesive materials division. Re-structured the business, growing Sales from $40MM to $70MM while reducing headcount by a third and improving Net Income Return on Total Capital from 3% to an average of over 35%. Achieved negative Working Capital.
  6. General Manager of a coatings company. Merged two divisions into one following an acquisition, producing one-time Exceptional profits, generating $10MM in annual cost savings and doubling the Return on Net Assets.
  7. Marketing Director of a French paint company. Grew the newly-acquired $45MM business by 20% in a tough economy and turned loss into profit in 18 months.
  8. Created and implemented the commercial plan which salvaged a troubled coatings business in Taiwan and built the foundation for 20 years of subsequent success.

Kate Williams, Business Development & Project Director

portraitKate runs the WCP International office in Toronto, Canada. In addition, she is responsible for overall business development, planning and ensuring the right resources are available at the right time for each client’s project.

Prior to joining WCP, Kate held project management roles at Sears, A&P and BlueSky Strategies, Diamond Integrated Marketing & Fuse Marketing. She managed the launch of the BlackBerry 10 campaign in 3 Canadian cities and 8 US cities and the CIBC Aventura credit card launch in 4 Canadian cities, including Pearson Airport. Kate was born in Singapore and has lived in Indonesia, Taiwan, the UK, France and the USA. Kate has finished nine marathons including three Boston Marathons and is a six-time Ironman Triathlete. She is currently training for Ironman Florida.


WCP International Associates

Experienced Associates are brought in to add specific resource and expertise dependent upon the requirement of each individual project.

Current Senior Associates include:

Walter Weigel, Senior Associate


Walter is the Managing Director of Kealia Bayern Corporation. He is a highly experienced international executive and former CFO with over 25 years of working with both private and public companies across Canada, the USA and Europe. His client list has included Hudson’s Bay Company, Thilmany, TDP Aerospace, Appleton Papers, Gerson Lehrman, Dunsirn Industries, Avery Dennison, Ontario Hydro and several private equity-owned companies. 

Brian Dunsirn, President and CEO of private equity firm, Dunsirn Partners LLC has used Walter extensively and cites this example of his work:

"Walter's working capital leadership enabled a $70 million company to reduce enough inventory over 6 months to enable the elimination of a 100,000 sq.ft. warehouse. This, along with reduced A/R DSOs, freed up $2.9 million of cash in addition to increasing EBITDA by $0.6 million annually."

Walter reads, writes and speaks German and used his language skills when setting up the Dunsirn Industries business in Europe. He has a CGA financial designation and a BBA from York University in Toronto. He has worked with Graham since 1995, both on consultancy projects and as a senior member of his leadership team.

The McQuillan Group, Strategic Partner

portraitThe McQuillan Group is a strategic partner with WCP International. Together we work with CEO's, CFO's and private equity groups to improve the financial health of their businesses using the WCashPlus™ Process.

Formed by Kevin P. McQuillan in 2010, the McQuillan Group now employs a team of ten highly qualified business and accounting professionals. Most are seasoned veterans with 10 to 25+ years of experience. The Group enjoys assisting small and medium sized clients in developing strategies to address their varying challenges and helping them to achieve their objectives. Areas of expertise include Business Consulting, Buying/Selling of Businesses and Operational Analysis. These dovetail well with the principles and practices of the WCashPlus Process, which represents an additional service to McQuillan clients.

Kevin has more than 25 years of experience working as a Certified Public Accountant, with both international and regional firms. Over the years, Kevin has developed specific expertise in the areas of business consulting, mergers and acquisitions and related due diligence, operational analysis, working capital and cash flow, and estate planning. He has worked across many different industries including construction, manufacturing, distribution, entertainment, professional services and restaurants.

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