A devotion to Cash Generation and EBITDA Improvement

WCP International was founded in 2004 by Graham Lloyd to help businesses improve their financial health by turning their Working Capital into Cash.

WCP’s proprietary WCashPlus™ Process removes the obstacles that cause Cash to be tied up in Working Capital, allowing it to flow freely through to the business owner.

The Process has been proven and refined over many years and has generated over $1 billion in cash through its systematic, customer- and supplier-friendly approach. EBITDA is enhanced by the Process through reductions in bad debt, obsolete inventory, warehousing and raw material costs.

The WCP Process maximizes returns for investors and management by:

  1. Reducing debt and interest payments
  2. Improving EBITDA
  3. Supporting growth by helping fund capital investment and bolt-on acquisitions
  4. Strengthening performance versus bank covenants
  5. Funding dividends

One avenue which has often led to considerable success is the involvement of WCP during the Due Diligence of a potential acquisition. WCP offers a complimentary assessment of the potential value that can be added by using the WCashPlus™ Process to generate a sustainable reduction in the target company’s Working Capital. Early involvement of WCP also enables an easy transition to working with the Management Team post-Close.

In the USA, the WCashPlus™ Process is now implemented using the resources of Partners for Strategic Growth

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