The main focus of the WCP International team is the hands-on implementation of the WCashPlus™ Process for business owners and private equity companies. The Process generates cash to pay down debt or to distribute dividends while improving EBITDA.

The resultant improvements in the financial health of the company often enhance its ability to grow, and to improve both quality and service.

A typical Stretch Target is to generate cash equivalent to a minimum of 25 % of the company’s current Working Capital within the first 12 months. Continued application of the WCashPlus Process is aimed at a 100% conversion to cash, reducing Working Capital to zero by the end of Year Three.

WCashPlus produces a sustainable outcome. It frees up the cash tied up within Working Capital, enabling debt to be reduced. The benefit is thereby channeled to the equity owners, dollar for dollar, either through dividends or when the company is sold.

The beauty of the Process is that it is totally self-funded from a portion of the savings in interest costs alone, and is designed to yield at least a 20 to 1 return by providing the cash to reduce debt or pay dividends.

In addition to providing the WCP Process, Graham Lloyd is also available as an active Chairman or Director of the Board for private equity portfolio companies. Appointment can be either from the time of the initial transaction or at a stage when circumstances require the involvement of an active Board Member to help the Management Team drive a turnaround in performance.

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