Darrell Sabin, CEO Motion & Flow Control Products, Inc (a Colville Capital company), emphasizes the customer-friendly nature of the WCP Process:

"At MFCP, we are totally focused on growing our top line through being the easiest supplier with whom our customers do business. WCP's Project Manager, Walter Weigel, worked quickly and well with our teams who were expediting initiatives to improve those customers' experiences even further.

Walter's work had a very positive impact on our company. He really helped us change the culture, raising the awareness of the value of superior working capital control and showing us new ways to achieve it, while staying true to our customer-centric principles. Using the WCashPlus Process, he analyzed and identified issues and opportunities specific to our company. He then provided the WCP process tools and implementation support which enabled us to make significantly better use of our working capital and improve our cash flow, while continuing to put our customers first."

Steve Lancaster Executive Vice President of CCL Industries states:

"Over the last three years, Graham Lloyd has done a superlative job at CCL's Container. In particular, he changed the culture of the business in managing its working capital.  Prior management had been used to having over 50 days of working capital on hand and said it could only be lowered modestly without harming the business. Graham's approach challenged the conventional wisdom and working capital dropped down to below zero in North America, generating $20 million in cash.  Most importantly, he has kept it at that level.

As an example of applying his management process, he was able to reduce receivable terms with a large customer that had been habitually paying in over 40 days and got them down to meeting terms of less than half of their prior levels using effective, positive negotiation skills.  His methods are applied in a very professional and inoffensive way, and he has maintained and enhanced our customer relationships."

John LeMay, Partner at Blue Point Capital, highlights that:

"Graham operates with the highest ethical standards – you can always count on his commitments. For over 13 years I have seen him apply his WCashPlus process in very different business environments with the same outstanding results. His approach is completely transparent to a company’s business partners and is therefore sustainable. He was able to take a company to negative working capital in extremely challenging circumstances – deteriorating industry conditions and Fortune 500 suppliers & customers (including Wal-Mart) on either side of the company. It would appear they had all the leverage, but Graham’s process still delivered terrific results."

Donald Lang, Executive Chairman and past Vice-Chairman & CEO of CCL Industries Inc affirms: 

"Graham Lloyd joined CCL with an extensive operational background and made an immediate contribution to the business at a time of very difficult market conditions. Despite the business’s mentality of maintaining high inventories to service customer requirements, Graham got operational buy-in to a process of reducing net working capital, thereby freeing up cash and improving the return on investment of the business. Net working capital was reduced from 12% of sales to zero in 24 months, while at the same time improving customer relationships….a paradigm shift for the business.

Graham’s professional approach is transparent and sustainable, and I would not hesitate in recommending him."

Bob Brown, Assistant Treasurer at Veyance Technologies, describes the work by WCP in improving working capital at his former Fortune 500 company:

"The WCashPlus process provided us a specific and focused road map for converting working capital into cash. The system develops long term value through strategic initiatives. The various steps in the process are well defined, practical and ready to implement. Graham's years of management leadership experience in this area was evident as he was able to consistently bring us solutions to the various obstacles that we faced. Graham's approach was direct, timely and he always delivered on his promises."

Of Grahamís work with Blue Point Capital Partners, Managing Partner David Given says:

"We have been impressed with Grahamís comprehensive and straightforward approach to asset optimization. He tackled an extremely difficult challenge at one of our newly-acquired companies, where a sudden market shift caused a 30% drop in selling prices. The effectiveness of Grahamís WCashPlus methods enabled the company to survive when, to the considerable surprise and appreciation of all concerned including the lenders, he methodically converted all of its working capital into cash.

Graham involves customers, suppliers and all company employees and management in a collective effort to generate significant and sustainable working capital improvements where all parties appreciate their own particular benefit from the achievement. Graham approaches this effort with the highest level of integrity, with every participant understanding fully the actions necessary and consequences intended."

Kim Caldwell, President of Grey Fox Corporation, is the former Executive Vice President of Avery Dennison Corporation where he hired Graham to improve the Return on Total Capital with standout results:

"Graham Lloyd is a successful, experienced practitioner of a proven process that unlocks huge economic value in businesses. Time after time, he has enabled consistent under-performers to become standout money makers. The unlocked cash flow is only the obvious benefit. To me, an enduring "magic" of Graham's process is that it enables a management team to stop "fuzzy thinking" and instead build hard-nosed but sustainable business relationships, with customers and suppliers, in which everybody wins. In these tough times, every responsible CEO should ensure that the WCashPlus process is a central component of their business operation.

You will find that Graham, with his effective balance of worldly street smarts, creativity, integrity and tenacity, will deliver on his promises."

Chuck Richardson, President of Richardson Associates and former VP of Human Resources at ICI, vouches for Grahamís approach to business, having known and worked with him for twenty years:

"Graham and I first worked together when we were both VPís with ICI Paints, a division of the British chemical conglomerate. Whether he was leading the retail stores division or the manufacturing operations, Grahamís enthusiasm and boundless energy were an inspiration to all of his team. He has that rare ability to get things done while making every employee feel that their contribution is important and valued."

John Chandler, Managing Director of Flatirons Resources LLC, confirms:

"Graham is very accomplished at turning working capital into cash, I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone."

Shannon Smith, Managing Partner of The Lavenir Group and former Managing Partner of Blue Point Capital provides his detailed assessment:

"The results from Grahamís focused WCashPlus methods far exceeded our expectations. He implemented them with dramatic, sustained success at one of our portfolio companies. Despite an apparent lack of market leverage, Graham used the WCP principles to forge strategic partnerships with customers and suppliers alike. He combined the resultant agreements with the relentless execution of the WCP process, and reduced the companyís working capital from 16% of Sales to a negative 6%. DSOís were reduced from the mid 50ís to the low 20ís.

Graham subsequently helped spur improvements at other companies within our portfolio, analyzing and highlighting the considerable cash benefits and sharing the WCP process with our CEOís and Operating Executive Group."

From the United Kingdom, Bernard Crooks, former COO of GE Capital, GCF, outlines that:

"Graham’s track record speaks for itself. He has consistently turned companies around, freeing up working capital to finance the required changes and delivering huge bottom-line improvements."

Ken Cloud, VP & GM at CCL Container vouches for the benefits:

"Prior to Graham's arrival, no one realized just how much cash we were leaving on the table. He helped us free up that cash, and made working capital management a part of the company culture. It didn't take extra people. It simply became a part of what we now do every day, and measure every week. The focus provided by Graham's process enabled us to achieve negative Working Capital in our US and Canadian plants. The pay-off was huge. The cash we generated from the reduction in our working capital helped us fund the building of a new $35 million state-of-the-art plant. We dramatically improved service to our key customers and won a substantial amount of new business with them."

Jim West, President of the Advisory Board of Obrist Interior AG, Switzerland and former COO of Goldsmiths Group PLC in the UK endorses the fact that:

"Graham’s proven methods and forensic focus on cash generation have made a significant and hugely positive impact to the fiscal health and well being of the business concerned. You can totally count on him.”

David Thomson, Managing Director, Mitutoyo UK Ltd explains:

“I met Graham at Harvard Business School in 2000. His experience in turning Working Capital into Cash was impressive and I have since sought his professional advice on several occasions.”

Lee Nielsen of The Nielsen Group speaks of Grahamís focus on sustainable results:

"I have worked with Graham for more than 10 years and have found him to be of the highest integrity. He consistently works to find the best possible solution to challenging problems, and is extremely focused on ensuring the results are met while supporting colleagues in meeting their goals.

He led the recovery for a $750 million business by his dedicated focus on managing costs and working capital while building a strong, capable and financially savvy team. His leadership ensured the management team concentrated on critical results, creating the necessary process to reverse a multiple year slide in profitability."

CEO Geoff Martin reported to the CCL Board about Graham's work:

“Unlike its past reputation, CCL Container became something of a cash machine. Working Capital ended the year in negative territory: a considerable difference to its historic achievements. Sales ended at $170MM, up from $155MM, with much positive news on the customer side.” (Quoted with Geoff's permission.)

John Grampa, CFO Brush Engineered Materials Inc and former VP Finance Avery Dennision highlights the strategic significance of WCP’s Process:

“Imagine what kind of company you would have if all of your working capital were converted to cash! With his practical and proven WCashPlus Process, Graham Lloyd helps
businesses unleash extraordinary strategic value. Value that is hidden in the asset accounts of a company balance sheet. Unleashed, the cash from the working capital becomes a catalyst that can truly transform an enterprise.”

Packing Industry Executive and Consultant Rick Majewski, was a Board Director of Convergent Label Technology where the WCashPlus Process was implemented:

“I have had the pleasure of working with Graham on several occasions. He is a dedicated and focused professional who gets results. His cash management insights and techniques have yielded unparalleled results in good times and bad. Graham is someone you can count on to do what they say. His professional manner is an extra bonus: he is a true pleasure to work with who I recommend without question.”

Decio Fabricio Oddone da Costa, CEO Petrobras Energia S.A., Argentina states:

“Graham has consistently demonstrated that the WCashPlus Process works. If you prefer cash in hand to working capital on the balance sheet, I recommend you give him a call.”

Please contact us for the many other testimonials confirming the quality, effectiveness and success of our work.

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